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Force 5 Solutions Helps Companies Avoid NERC CIP-006 Compliance Violations

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Force 5 Solutions Helps Companies Avoid NERC CIP-006 Compliance Violations

July 16
15:18 2019
Force 5 Solutions Helps Companies Avoid NERC CIP-006 Compliance Violations
Force 5 Solutions out of Miami, Florida offers customers the technology to assist with all their security and area access needs. With Force 5 Solutions, customers are able to adhere to all compliance requirements, including CIP-006, with their top of the line programs.

Miami, FL – In today’s world, utility companies are faced with having to vet and log all visitors and temporary workers as they move through designated areas of the site. It is required that processes and controls are in place to manage the physical identity of an individual, to show they adhere to an area’s access requirements. Force 5 Solutions is available to assist their clients with all their security and area access needs. Force 5 Solutions, for almost two decades, has been committed to solving customer’s business problems with proven technological solutions. Force 5 aims to deliver highly-focused, customized security solutions to meet the growing demands for Identity and Access Management along with Security Information and Event Management. The dedicated team at Force 5 focuses on providing top of the line customer service while building flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet their customers’ needs.

With Force 5 Solutions, utility subject matter experts worked to create Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper is a system designed to meet safety and security regulatory audit requirements that combines a physical log and identity management with physical security controls to mitigate risk and exceed compliance requirements. With Gatekeeper, users will experience perimeter security logging that is built to meet NERC CIP standards. Users will also be able to manage, grant, and track required certifications for the plant or for specified area entry. Gatekeeper even allows users to securely manage and track physical keys along with a visitor management system. The visitor management system from Force 5 is called Gatekeeper Front Desk and it delivers points of entry and secured area visitor management with easy enrollment, fast visit logging, and real time activity/risk awareness. Force 5 and Gatekeeper do all they can to ensure that their users are securely managing their facility while also meeting compliance requirements.

Gatekeeper is built and designed around NERC CIP standards. The escort centric features, visit logging, dashboards, awareness tools, and reports are all designed to meet CIP security requirements. Traditionally, logging access to physical areas has been done with a paper log. While this may have been considered an acceptable method to address CIP-006 requirements, regional entities enforcing this standard have cited many issues with this long-used approach. Unlike the paper log approach, Gatekeeper hits on exactly what is required by the CIP-006 standard. When using Gatekeeper, the following concerns are alleviated:

  •  Enforcing the use of a logbook.

  • Validation of personnel entering an area.

  •  Limited visibility as to who, when, and why individuals are in the area.

  • Ensuring the completeness, accuracy, and continuity of recorded information.

Force 5 Solutions is located at 4390 SW 73 Avenue in Miami, Florida. In order to find out more information regarding Force 5 Solutions and the services that they provide, call their office at 786-259-0084, email [email protected], or visit their website.

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