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HalleChain – A Pioneer of Global New Business Ecological Public Blockchain

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HalleChain – A Pioneer of Global New Business Ecological Public Blockchain

September 03
21:54 2019

In the world of blockchain, people have gradually changed their judgment standard towards public blockchain. Definitely, the cognition of different people has kept changing in different time. However, there is one standard that has never changed, namely, the standard of judging the public blockchain itself. Is the public blockchain itself a standard? Many projects claim so, but most of them only forge themselves into a product, while the minority of them into a brand, and only a very few of them into a standard. Actually, it is very hard to make public blockchain into a standard. Especially, to become an underlying public blockchain that is able to apply to large-scale business application, a complete set of operation system is required.

Even though the main network of public blockchain gets online, a watershed is faced. Some excellent projects, before getting online, may receive much attention due to their strong strength, but will gradually be forgotten for their failure to make any progress in a short time. In the past, public blockchain competed for TPS. Today, commercial application and ecological construction seem to be more fatal to public blockchain.

To solve the problems in the development of public blockchain, HalleChain, a new business-application-type public blockchain, comes into being.

It is aimed to build HalleChain into an open fundamental public blockchain which achieves commercial implementation and application easily. To meet the basic needs in large-scale business application, the new public blockchain should have a fast main network, a convenient wallet, a safe and reliable consensus mechanism and a high expansibility, and should be able to attract excellent miners. In addition, it should be easy to develop, and target at the minimum bandwidth, in order to achieve the maximum openness and the highest degree of decentralization.

What’s more, HalleChain, integrating digital assets and digital identity into one, builds up a technical platform universal to both enterprises and users, so as to have assets digitized. On the basis of achieving large-scale business application, it makes full use of the business resources to establish a decentralized business application ecology centering on HalleChain.

Based on this concept, HalleChain will become an extensible and large-scale global business application public blockchain which requires little service charge and supports high traffic and high concurrency. To solve the common problems existing in the current blockchain, such as transaction jam, high transaction fee, long time of trade confirmation and so on, HalleChain is given the feature of “light, fast and open”. With this feature, it is able to support huge amounts of concurrency transactions, and is faster in trade confirmation.  

The function of HALE Token is one of the basic mechanisms for the operation of HalleChain. To maintain the operation of HalleChain, a certain amount of HALE Tokens should be paid, including but not limited to the support of the development of application, the payment of application expenses, the participation in consensus reward, the payment of service charge and so on. To keep the tokens paid always in a reasonable range and to prevent them going beyond the reasonable range with the appreciation of HALE Token, the system will adjust the base rate according to the community poll.

 In addition, in the HalleChain ecosystem, HALE holders are allowed to gain corresponding computing power by mortgaging HALE.

 Holders mortgage HALE to gain computing power use right, in order to get mining earnings.

 The computing power exchange rate is determined by the price of rig and the market price of HALE.

 Users can freely choose the time of mortgage and the unit of computing power exchange.

 Users can receive token interest as rewards by means of mortgage locking.

Of course, business resources should be fully used in laying out global business ecology. As a new generation of fundamental public blockchain for the implementation of global business application, HalleChain will work with its partners to establish its global business ecology, as well as the mall platform with the functions such as the payment in kind and in virtual product, supplier joining system, digital currency payment and so on. Besides, HalleChain Foundation will screen excellent projects that suit its business ecosystem, and work with other investment organizations to incubate them, so as to enrich the eco-sphere of HalleChain.

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