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A passionate producer from Jamaica, Obrian Young sets off to bring forth unique music to the world

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A passionate producer from Jamaica, Obrian Young sets off to bring forth unique music to the world

November 03
16:12 2020
A passionate producer from Jamaica, Obrian Young sets off to bring forth unique music to the world
Born in Mobay, Jamaica, Obrian Olando Young is a 31-year-old producer that looks for uniqueness in the music that he produces. Obrian Young realised his connection with music at a tender age of 12 and has been working on and off since then, and finally coming up with his own producing company by the name of Moon People Recordz. The producing company has released many great and unique songs that listeners applaud to.

A new talent has risen from Jamaica, ready to embark on a journey in the music production industry and striving to produce unique music by collaborating with talented artists and singers. Obrian Young founded Moon People Recordz to follow his passion and to shape his childhood hobby into a fruitful reality. The very foundation of Moon People Recordz was laid to produce a unique and wide array of music with catchy lyrics and melodious tunes.

Obrian Young was born into a poor family at a humble community of Albion Heights, where he experienced Jamaican festivals, stage shows and concerts. Since an early age, Obrian had to take on responsibilities for his family, in doing so, he grew out to be entrepreneurial and a creative person. Obrian had to work many jobs in the past, from being a sales representative to working in the farming sector and later on in the transportation industry and JUTA services.

As a child, Obrian Young would listen to Bob Marley and Garnet Silk; Being inspired by such artists and his Jamaican culture, he started his adventure with music playing around with different music genres and eventually launching Moon People Recordz. Apart from meeting Obrian’s passion for music, Moon People Recordz also helps young artists kick-starting their careers and giving a platform to their voice. Moon People Recordz was founded when Obrian’s hobby started getting serious when he began to research on how to dive deep into the world of music production, and so he started purchasing music gear so that he may be able to shape his future the way he wanted to.

Obrian says “When I came up with the name Moon People Recordz people would ask ‘how did you come up with such a name?’ Or what an unusual name! The thing is I am an unusual individual so anything I produce will be.” Moon People Recordz has collaborated with many artists; Rytikal has worked with Moon People Recordz in releasing the song “90’s”, this is the song which takes the listeners back to the nostalgic era of the 1990s. “Owner Lane” is the song by Baby Blue, this song makes people focus towards their own goals and to achieve the success that they want in their lives. King Lawd’s song “My Style” makes people dance and sway in musical festivals and parties. Moon People Recordz is growing massively and getting thumbs up from listeners and artists alike.

Media Contact
Company Name: Moon People Recordz
Contact Person: Obrian Olando Young
Email: Send Email
Phone: 18765283306
City: Montego Bay
Country: Jamaica

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