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Beyond Body Introduces New Wellness Program to Help People Lower their Cholesterol Without Medication

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Beyond Body Introduces New Wellness Program to Help People Lower their Cholesterol Without Medication

July 21
17:54 2021

The new wellness book, Beyond Body, has announced a new nutrition program that integrates health analytics to help people lower their cholesterol without medication

Beyond Body is the first hardcover book to integrate analytics into the content, giving readers a personalized nutrition and health plan based on their personal health. 

Nutritionist and author of Beyond Body, Christine Zalnieraite, says Beyond Body gives people battling high cholesterol a natural alternative to high priced medications.

“It’s easy to say eat less red meat, or cut back on potato chips and your cholesterol will drop, but it’s not easy when those cravings start,” said Zalnieraite. “Most people give into those high cholesterol foods because they don’t have a plan. Beyond Body gives people a nutrition and health plan to help them one day at a time.”

As part of the personalized plan, readers answer 28 personal questions on their eating habits, work and sleep hours, alcohol consumption, personal stress levels, and whether they have health conditions like allergies and high cholesterol. Lifestyle questions, like are you a meat lover, also play a role in the health plan laid out by their nutritionists. 

The questions were created by nutritionists and personal trainers to help them create a customized health and nutrition plan for each reader based on their habits, health and goals. 

Data Analysis – Cholesterol Comparison Across Countries

This cholesterol analysis involved more than 1.9 million people from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Consumers voluntarily shared their health analytics with Beyond Body via an online data assessment test that created a personalized health, fitness and nutrition plan based on their individual needs.

The Beyond Body team analyzed their data to see how diet and sentiment influence cholesterol levels. They found people who described themselves as meat lovers had a greater rate of high cholesterol than people who say they don’t like meat.

Their data analyses found 9 percent of Americans had high cholesterol, but of those with unhealthy cholesterol levels, 79 percent said they are meat lovers. Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionshows 38 percent of Americans have high cholesterol.

Zalnieraite said the correlation between meat lovers and high cholesterol was transparent across countries.

“This is one of the first global looks at how we view meat can impact our cholesterol levels,” said Zalnieraite. “We already know high levels of meat consumption raises cholesterol levels, but this analysis shows how attitudes towards meat can also play a role in high cholesterol. Beyond Body helps replace these bad habits by suggesting healthier alternatives. If you change your diet, you can lower your cholesterol.”

And this data trend crosses country border lines. 

In Canada, the Beyond Body data found 76 percent of people with high cholesterol are also “meat lovers,” while roughly 71 percent of people with high cholesterol in the UK, Australia and Spain say they love meat.

Health Dangers of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is dangerous because it has no symptoms and can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure. 

Zalnieraite said eating healthier foods is one of the best ways to lower your cholesterol without medication.

Beyond Body lays out a nutrition and meal plan to help people eat healthier,” said Zalnieraite. “The 28-day plan includes meals low in saturated fats that are known to increase cholesterol levels. It also introduces meals rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and ingredients like walnuts, flaxseeds and salmon, which can lower your cholesterol.

About Beyond Body 

Beyond Body is the first hardcover wellness book to integrate health analytics into a customized wellness plan based on the reader’s health and conditions. Nutritionists and personal trainers lay out a 28-day plan packed with meal plans and recipes that are catered to the individual.

Readers interested in taking the online assessment can click here to take the short quiz and get the customized wellness book based on their personal goals.


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