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Innovative Education Has Become an Important Way to Promote Sustainable Urban Development

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Innovative Education Has Become an Important Way to Promote Sustainable Urban Development

December 07
08:18 2020

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Socrates once said that the essence of education is to awaken and develop the human heart.

Nowadays, we enter the era of knowledge economy, which is a new economic form that is fundamentally different from traditional economic forms. In this new era, the core of education is to cultivate talents’ creative thinking and innovative ability. The concept and system of innovative education advocates student-centered discovery learning, respecting and cultivating students’ independent personality.

In developed countries, parents rarely set goals in the course of children’s growth, neither learning goals nor future development goals. The first priority of their education is to discover children’s interests.

Education is not about filling the basket but lighting the lamp.

Innovative education gets rid of the educational content and methods of instrumentalism, and realizes triple values: potential activation value, knowledge transference value, and individual preference value. Therefore, as far as the concept of innovative education is concerned, the fundamental mission of modern elementary and middle school education is to effectively and orderly impart the knowledge system accumulated over a long period of time to children, which becomes a component of their knowledge structure, on the premise of conforming to the physical and psychological characteristics of children’s growth. The unique survival logic, rule awareness, team spirit, team innovation ability and environmental change ability possessed by human beings could and must be realized through education.

Innovative education has become a microcosm of the innovative development of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area as a national new area.

Thomas Experimental School will officially open in September this year. The school is one of the prestigious schools in the Central Business District of Jiangbei New Area, which introduces the STEAM curriculum of Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology in the United States, allowing students to discover topics under the leadership of teachers and combining mathematics, physics, science, engineering, technology and other disciplines to solve practical problems.

In terms of teaching methods, the school adopts heuristic and interactive teaching, with its primary school adopting problem-based inquiry learning and its middle school adopting project-oriented research learning. It not only focuses on improving students’ learning ability, but also pays attention to improving creativity.

The methods and dimensions of evaluation in school are also diversified. Academic performance is not the only evaluation indicator and every child has individual learning file. In addition to paying attention to children’s learning, the school also concerns about the cultivation of their emotional growth, social responsibility, aesthetic capability, athletic ability and the pursuit of healthy life.

The innovative city needs innovative education, which has become an important way to promote sustainable urban development.

The Central Business District takes out the best urban space, provides the best educational facilities, integrates the innovative development concepts of the free trade zone, and international advanced design elements, strengthens the introduction and construction of high-quality education projects, and provides first-class hardware facilities and high-quality teacher resources and management model, striving to create an “international leading and  domestic first-class” education environment in Jiangbei New Area.

The Central Business District adheres to the educational development goals of the new area and insists on the high-end and international positioning, successfully introducing Nanjing Nightingale School of Nursing, Senior High School of Nanjing No.1 Middle School in Jiangbei New Area, Gulou Kindergarten in Jiangbei New Area, and Nanjing Thomas Experimental School to achieve the coverage of high-quality educational resources from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school to vocational education. These schools will provide students in the new area with opportunities to cultivate innovative thinking and international vision from an early age, promote the high-quality and balanced development of education in the new area, “attract and retain” high-end talents in the new area, and accumulate innovative power for the future development of the city.

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