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Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Is Committed to the Construction of a Smart City

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Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Is Committed to the Construction of a Smart City

December 07
08:27 2020

The future of city determines the future of mankind.

While the city is developing rapidly, it is also facing many problems about sustainable development. The existing urban management models have been limited, and new models are required to be sought. The digital city management model can improve the level of city management and operation, effectively solve the existing problems in the field of city management and operation, improve the efficiency of city management and public service, optimize the coordination mechanism and process of departments, and provide a new direction for city management and development.

Today, the new smart city has become an important measure for innovative city development and governance models in the new era.

The construction of smart city can not only provide a new model for future urban development, but also lead to the development of high-tech industries such as the Internet of Things. It has important strategic significance in responding to the financial crisis, expanding employment, and seizing the commanding point of future technology.

Nanjing Jiangbei New Area is committed to the construction of a next-generation Internet demonstration city, actively promoting the accumulation of related smart industries and striving to build a new smart city with smart industries, smart government affairs, and smart people’s livelihood as the main features.

In Jiangbei New Area, a smart city command center with three main functions: smart city construction, smart city management, and enterprise services came into being. It adopts domestic advanced digital twin restoration technology to portray urban details, present urban trends, and deduct the future of the city. Through various sensing devices, combined with 5G networks, NB-IOT Internet of Things, BIM integration, AI technology of digital image, it realizes the advanced information management of universe perception, data sharing, cross command and precise feedback in the central business district.

Digital twin refers to the full use of physical models, sensor updates, operating history and other data, integrating multi-disciplinary, multi-physical, multi-scale, and multi-probability simulation processes to complete the mapping in the virtual space, thereby reflecting the full life cycle of corresponding physical equipment.

The digital twin city is the 2.0 version of smart city construction. Jiangbei New Area will rely on the new concepts and new technologies of digital twin cities to focus on promoting the development of the city to an advanced form of intelligence. With the new generation of information technology entering an important window phase from technological change to innovative applications, the organic coupling and integrated application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence will drive innovation to new turning points, especially in the construction of new smart cities, the technical bottleneck encountered in the past has been solved to a large extent.

Creating “the most extreme service” and “the smartest city” are the two goals of urban construction in Jiangbei New Area. Projects such as smart construction sites, smart parking, smart communities, two-dimensional code guides, and one-face communication have become representatives of smart city construction in the new area, leading the promotion of overall layout through demonstration business cards such as the Digital Twin Research and Innovation Park, the Central Business District, and Nanjing North Station. By 2025, Jiangbei New Area aims to be the first digital twin city throughout the country.

In the construction of smart city, the integrity and comprehensiveness of the city data platform is of utmost importance as data needs to be collected, connected and opened in a true sense. Jiangbei New Area provides a comprehensive data service for urban construction, economic development and people’s lives through the integration of digital resources and a massive big data management and development platform. Based on these large databases, it conducts continuous and in-depth application and excavation to gather more valuable data resources in the fields of technological innovation, economic development, market supervision, people’s livelihood, social governance, planning and construction, and creates more practical innovative products to realize the progression from digital resources to digital assets.

In this place, smart city construction has changed the way that the government, enterprises, and residents interact with each other, improve the efficiency of city operations, and create a better urban life for residents.

In the future, the new digital and smart Jiangbei will become the new labels of the new area.

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