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Prywatnoscwsieci VPN Popularity at Record Levels

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Prywatnoscwsieci VPN Popularity at Record Levels

December 07
08:57 2020
Prywatnoscwsieci VPN Popularity at Record Levels
Established to be an authority on virtual private network (VPN) providers, the company is a valuable resource for consumers around the globe.

December 7, 2020 – Prywatnoscwsieci, a Polish IT company that offers comprehensive reviews and guidance on VPN software has announced that VPN use has never been as popular. Established to be an authority on virtual private network (VPN) providers, the company is a valuable resource for consumers around the globe.

“The coronavirus pandemic probably accounts for this increase in VPN use,” said the CEO of Prywatnoscwsieci. He added, “More people are at home, online, and with additional time on their hands”. “That aside,“ he said. “people are becoming more aware of the benefits that a VPN can bring. They can be used to increase online privacy, improve online security, and aid those that wish to stream local sports and television channels”.

Security is a major reason for the explosion in VPN use in recent months. With more people spending their time online, this has led to an increase in cybercrime. Hackers have become extremely sophisticated in recent years and can use many techniques to get their hands on data and personal information.

A VPN will encrypt all of the traffic between the local PC/device and the VPN servers. This should not be confused with private browsing modes such as Incognito Mode, as these will simply delete the search history from the PC and offer no additional security. A VPN gives the user total anonymity as they surf the internet. The online activity is even kept private from internet service providers. Any online activity that is performed once connected to a VPN server is untraceable. Only the VPN provider will know and many of these do not keep any logs of that activity.

Even if a hacker was able to intercept one of the data packets sent from the local device, they would not be able to open it. 12-bit SSL encryption technology means that they are defeated before they even start. This is the same technology that major financial institutions use to protect the transactions of their customers. This encryption makes it impossible for hackers to access the data that they have stolen.

This technology is not in place when browsing the internet by default. So, if using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, such as those found in airports and hotels, there is nothing in the way of hackers getting at the data. This is why using a VPN is so important in those situations. In fact, they should be used whenever a user goes online.

A key employee at Prywatnoscwsieci explains “That you should never take online security lightly”. He went on to say that “While you are safer when using your home WiFi, there are never any guarantees. Public hotspots are the greatest risk, however. Hackers know that many different people use these networks rather than just a single-family. They can use software to sniff out important information such as email addresses, passwords, login details, and even your bank account information”.

A good quality VPN also carries plenty of other benefits to users. Some customers like to use them to circumvent geo-restrictions placed on online content. Think about the different regions for NetFlix and the BBC iPlayer. A VPN can give a physical location in the country of choice and therefore access to region-locked content. The user can watch major sporting events that they would not normally be able to.

Others use the privacy offered by VPN’s to hide their activity when downloading torrents or when accessing the dark web. Another benefit is for gamers that are looking for a more optimised connection to game servers that is faster and more reliable. A VPN often uses a different route to that of the ISP that can result in better gaming performance.

About Prywatnoscwsieci

Prywatnoscwsieci was created to provide consumers with information on the best virtual private networks. The company would review the many VPN software providers on the market and compare them to other competitors. They list the pros and cons and generally guide anyone that is looking for a good VPN. Customers can learn about the positives and negatives of all leading VPN providers and make their decision accordingly.



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