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PrivacyForKorea Provides Multiple Uses For A VPN Beyond Privacy

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PrivacyForKorea Provides Multiple Uses For A VPN Beyond Privacy

December 07
09:15 2020
PrivacyForKorea Provides Multiple Uses For A VPN Beyond Privacy

December 7, 2020 – The VPN is an all-around great thing and should be present in every mobile phone and PC, according to PrivacyForKorea, a Korean-based website for online security. Based on thorough research conducted by this website, a majority of people don’t use VPN (a virtual private network) simply because they think they don’t need one. Some of the people actually don’t trust these networks, and that’s the news that was received with eyebrows raised by tech-savvies.

The Operations Manager at PrivacyForKorea said: “The problem with the VPN is that people believe stories of how it is illegal to use it, which is utter rubbish, and therefore often have doubts whether to install one or not. Some of them have no idea what a VPN is.” Then he added: “If only people knew how much good a single VPN provider can bring to their lives, they would not hesitate for a second to get one.”

Bearing that in mind, the PrivacyForKorea team has gathered a shortlist of positive features and benefits of using the VPN where ever the user may be.

First of all, of course, is the complete online privacy and security, which alone should be the most convincing reason to get a VPN. In addition to keeping private information away from the public, the complex encryption system will keep that info away from hackers, or cybercriminals, as they are more popularly known nowadays. By changing location, IP addresses, and defending information sent online (all of which the VPN does), hackers will be powerless to steal personal info. 

The other reasons are basically oriented around free-of-use of the Internet, to say it like that. For example:

  • By using a VPN, tracking online activity is impossible, which makes it a great feature for P2P streaming and torrent downloads. This way, one can enjoy many possibilities that the Internet has to offer without leaving the country.

  • Speaking of leaving the country, much online content has regional limitations and therefore is prohibited from viewing in numerous countries. The best examples maybe Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. VPN will bypass such limitations, and all the people around the world can have the pleasure of enjoying music, movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, and all the other media content that some other countries can.

  • Last but not least – gaming. As gamers are more or less knowledgeable about tech trends and VPN services in general, there are still some of the older (or maybe even younger) generations that are completely oblivious about the gaming possibilities the VPN can provide. Most notably, buying video games online that are prohibited in a certain country. Next, playing on different servers. And ultimately, playing tournaments online with no restrictions at all.

According to the PrivacyForKorea website, there are myriads of possibilities and benefits that VPN can provide. Only a few common ones have been listed, but the numbers can soar incredibly high, based on one’s creativity. But the main and most obvious reason should definitely be security.

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