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Entrepreneur Glamorous Taye Makes 65K, One Week After Launching 2 E-Books

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Entrepreneur Glamorous Taye Makes 65K, One Week After Launching 2 E-Books

April 28
12:15 2021
Entrepreneur Glamorous Taye Makes 65K, One Week After Launching 2 E-Books

Are you a youngster who has an idea that you love and would like to build business around, yet there are just so many obstacles nagging you? Don’t fret; there are many successful young people out here from whom you can learn. One such example is Shuntae Price alias Glamorous Taye. What makes Glamorous Taye an admirable entrepreneur despite the many challenges and difficulties she has gone through? What achievements have her eBooks brought her? Stick around to learn from this influential woman.

Who is Glamorous Taye?

Glamorous Taye is a serial entrepreneur, a media influencer, author of eBooks, and a brand ambassador. As part of expanding her commitments, Taye works as a boutique owner and a public speaker who motivates the masses in the community. At 29 years old, the mother of four is dedicated to helping every committed soul succeed in his/her project of interest. Taye is an American who hails from Florida. Her father is a Jamaican, and her mother is an American. She is the youngest in a family of three girls who were raised in a poor community. Taye’s success story motivates any person who could have undergone bullying during his/her days as Taye and her sisters were bullied throughout their childhood, but still, she made it.

What is Glamorous Taye’s greatest achievement?

One of her greatest success stories is the title of this article- in just one week, Taye has made $65,000 from selling her eBooks. On 17th April this year, this womanly figure set up a live pop-show event to build buzz around her two eBooks. Here are the two books that Taye has tirelessly worked hard to produce:

i. How to Become an Influencer

In this eBook, Glamorous Taye shows us the secrets behind making it in influencing masses using social media platforms and other means. 

ii. How to Increase Your Followers and One Week (Special Formula)

This eBook is for entrepreneurs who use social media platforms to promote their brands. For every successful business, customers are at the core, and their satisfaction means the success of your business. Therefore, our entrepreneur Taye takes you through all you need to do to increase your followers and clientele engagement in a short period of one week.

What is the motivation behind Taye’s eBooks?

For every journey that is en-route, there is a point on which the journey started. For Glamorous Taye, her starting point was her success story, as witnessed by interesting return figures on social media. In YouTube, Taye has achieved a massive following of 500,000 viewers for new releases with 12,000 subscribers. On Instagram, her followers have grown to 110,000, and she hopes to take this figure up.

This is the most fascinating part of Taye’s success story; she started her entrepreneurial journey about four years ago when she was only 25 years old. Taye’s beginning featured makeup classes, monitoring, and makeup tutorials. The last four years were not quite easy as a series of challenges showed up here and there. That’s when Taye decided to open up her wings and share her journeying story over the four years through the two eBooks. Still, there were so many challenges. 

Surprisingly, the eBook launching project was a tremendous success. In just a week from the launching date, Taye has made sixty-five thousand dollars! Those interested can visit Taye’s website at and use the interactive section ‘WORK WITH ME’ to directly talk to this successful entrepreneur.

What are the hurdles that Glamorous Taye has overcome?

This young entrepreneur has to balance between personal life, business, and work. If you have ever had such an experience, you will agree that such a situation is hell in real life, won’t you? Imagine having to grow up amid poverty and bullying, having four children to care for, and taking up extra jobs to sustain yourself (Taye works as a school bus driver). Admittedly, this is not an easy life. However, there must be a motivating factor.

One plain and painful truth is this: everything in this life is hard, and nothing comes in a silver lining, only that each hard is different and you choose your hard. Sincerely speaking, Taye played her cards well and chose her best hard, which later became her motivating factor. The passion for fashion stemmed in her at a tender age, and growing up in her family, every member knew her as the fashionable girl. Taye always wanted (and still wants) every girl out there to believe that she is beautiful, with or without makeup. That’s why she set up her well-renowned brand, Glamorous Taye brand, which has really picked up, and saw the eBooks through their success.

The critical qualities that make Taye outstanding

Taye says that anyone can do what she does, but her faith,genuine love, and authenticity are unreplicable. The authenticity drives her to be unique in whatever she does. Besides, this smart mind doesn’t settle for less. Whatever she wants, she goes for, and choosing her is the only way to go. Taye also has a positive outlook towards life- she treats every challenge as an opportunity, and she uses it to advance in her field. That explains the many projects that she has besides the successful eBooks. The projects include her very own Fur & Luxury Boutique, one-on-one tutorials, and master classes.

In only one week, Shuntae Price made more than sixty-five grands through her eBooks. Besides the eBooks, Taye has other success stories and projects you can learn from. Visit her official website at, follow her on Instagram on  @glamorous_taye, view and subscribe to her YouTube channel on Glamorous Taye, or view her videos on Tiktok @glameduptaye for latest project updates.

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