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EVIP, which has Iasllana Nunes as director, brings a new purpose to business.

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EVIP, which has Iasllana Nunes as director, brings a new purpose to business.

July 28
21:10 2022
EVIP, which has Iasllana Nunes as director, brings a new purpose to business.
Entrepreneur arrives with a new vision of the market in Goiânia. Acting in the social and in economy 5.0, idealizing a new concept of capitalism.

When we talk about a new concept of capitalism, it needs to be reinvented and the change starts with the active role of companies in giving back to society.

Much has been discussed about the shortcomings of capitalism. Until recently, companies maximized profit and prioritized shareholders at any cost, but today consumers expect companies to be better corporate citizens and share the gains for the benefit of stakeholders. Profit-driven goals and behaviors have created wide social inequality, and it’s time for the economic model to reinvent itself to become more just, egalitarian, and sustainable, and for companies to give back to society. Iasllana Alves Siqueira Nunes, a native of CRIXÁS-GO, known as Iasllana, believes that a system in which a company’s purpose is based on a commitment to all stakeholders – consumers, employees, partners, communities, planet, and society – and not just shareholders, is the most sustainable.

Iasllana Nunes, director of EVIP, a social entrepreneurship ecosystem, points out:

“Companies are one of the biggest platforms for change. Small and medium-sized businesses can begin to adapt to capitalism by meeting with their communities to understand how to make a positive impact and increase the scope of giving back. Businesses need to recognize that their responsibilities are not limited to the walls of their offices. When everyone starts taking action for a better future, we will have a world with more successful companies, a more equal society, and a more sustainable and healthy ecosystem for all. 

Besides the economic solutions that EVIP brings, Iasllana Nunes says, EVIP will bring social development and personal development solutions;

“We are well aligned with the needs of training the future workforce and preparing for new professions in the market, and we also believe in personal development and the importance of raising the level of consciousness, as this is the only way to have a society that is better prepared for future challenges.

We are well prepared, we have more than 4 years of structuring, and phases mapped out for the next 10 years.The main pillars we will strengthen are EDUCATION, HEALTH, INCOME, and HOUSING. We believe that in this way we offer more hope to society.

The ecosystem offers to its members, greater purchasing power and also a credit program to foster entrepreneurship and encourage the current economy.”

A company that has its greatest concern the social impact that the private market can make on society, cares about the formation of new jobs and preparing people for the new professions in the market, what we talk about matters, and what we do matters even more. Besides everything EVIP brings, the importance of companies being aware of the new changes that the market has been undergoing is fundamental to remain stable and prepared for the competition.

Having all these solutions, being up-to-date with new technologies and sustainable business models will make all the difference to your company. At EVIP you will find everything your company needs to leverage, learn more about EVIP.

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