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The Benton Law Firm – Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for Justice for Car Accident Victims

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The Benton Law Firm – Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for Justice for Car Accident Victims

November 24
14:00 2022
With 31 million people in the US injured every year, it is no surprise that personal injury lawsuits are the most common form of civil litigation in the country. Thus, it becomes important for victims to be aware that they can claim compensation for the negligence of a culpable party. The Benton Law Firm has a team of knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorneys ready to protect the rights of victims and get the desired results.

Statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) show an alarming trend. There were 4,110 fatal traffic accidents in 2021—representing a 14% increase compared to the previous year. Overall, 632,985 motor vehicle crashes occurred, increasing about 87,000 (15.9%) compared to 2020. 

Considering the complexities of filing a claim, one can see the importance of hiring skilled personal injury attorneys to ensure proper compensation for all physical and mental injuries sustained. The Benton Law Firm comprises a team of personal injury attorneys with the knowledge and experience to deal with these cases. 

A personal injury lawsuit is a civil action involving the injured and negligent parties. In essence, the injured party must prove that the one who caused the injury was negligent for failing to take reasonable care in an action that caused harm to the injured party. 

In any case, involving personal injury, the injured party must first be admitted to a hospital. This is to record evidence of their injuries before seeking to file a lawsuit, after which an attorney should be hired to negotiate a claim with the insurance company. This is because any word unintentionally misspoken could be used against the injured party. This is where The Benton Law Firm plays a key role in protecting its client’s rights. 

With a competent attorney who can provide sound advice on the best path to proceed, there is no reason for hesitation. To allay any concerns on the part of the client, the Benton Law Firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means the firm will not receive payment until it has successfully recovered compensation for the client. 

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Car accidents are traumatic and the experience leaves a victim vulnerable to being taken advantage of. The aftermath of the accident — the pain, the emotional toll, rising medical bills, and loss of income from being unable to work — works against the victim. That is why the victim must contact a legal firm that can help smooth out the process of claiming compensation. 

The car accident lawyer at Benton Law Firm’s is fully equipped to handle these processes, ensuring that justice for the victim is served. Moreover, the Texas legal system is a difficult-to-navigate terrain even when in full health. To do so while injured in an accident makes it an arduous task. Thus, through the help of The Benton Law Firm’s injury attorneys, victims need only focus on their recovery while they handle the case.

Accidents due to negligent parties are devastating events. They can cause physical and mental injuries and monetary loss to the individual and their loved ones. With the services of The Benton Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys, a heavy burden lifts from the victim’s shoulders. This is because they can safely recover from their injuries while handling their case with utmost care.

About the Firm:

The Benton Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases. They focus on a wide range of cases, including vehicular accidents like car and truck accidents, debilitating physical injuries such as burn and brain injuries, and a variety of other circumstances that include dog bites and wrongful death. Their team of personal injury attorneys practices in Texas, using their skills to see justice for the injured party prevails. With their knowledge and experience, clients can safely put their concerns into their hands while they recover.

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