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Decentralized Social Collaboration Network DreamLand Opens Founding Member Partnership Recruitment

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Decentralized Social Collaboration Network DreamLand Opens Founding Member Partnership Recruitment

March 09
21:24 2023

Decentralized social collaboration network DreamLand will be officially launched in mid-March, and its first NFT, Chill Parrot, will be released in April. DreamLand will open Founding Member partnership recruitment, and users who become Founding Members can enjoy multiple benefits and privileges, including but not limited to getting Token and Chill Parrot airdrops, having the first batch of referral IDs, attending the Hall of Fame activity, and communicating face-to-face with the world’s top internet and blockchain entrepreneurs. Users also have the opportunity to become a DAO administrator and share the platform’s revenue dividends

DreamLand is the first decentralized social collaboration network connecting “Dreamers” and “Builders”. It is committed to realize the efficient matching of “resources” and “capabilities” through “personal instruction manual”, “decentralized cooperation agreement” and “decentralized company”, peer-to-peer cooperation transaction without obstacles, and the efficient combination of different “resources” and “capabilities” to ensure that more people can benefit from the “decentralized production relationship”.

The value of DreamLand:

In the industrial age, only by joining a company could one use the means of production owned by the company to realize one’s value. However, in the information age, the means of production have become personal computers and cloud services, and one can realize one’s value without joining a company. While the company system is still the mainstream of today’s society, and even the only choice for the majority of people, it not only restricts the development of individual value but also impedes the progress of society.

DreamLand hopes to provide a new option for people to get rid of this constraint and gain more benefits through a “decentralized social collaboration network”.

In terms of product design, DreamLand proposes three key steps: discovering the right people with the necessary “resources” and “capabilities,” enabling accessible peer-to-peer connection and collaboration, and allowing for the free combination of various resources and capabilities. Through these three steps, Web3.0 can truly be transformed into a tangible product. To increase the sense of belonging and participation, DreamLand has added the product concepts of “co-construction (governance)” and “co-construction (socialFi)” to the basic functions.

Currently, DreamLand is undergoing rapid development and is committed to improving existing productivity organizations. DreamLand aims to establish a free and efficient decentralized production relationship based on tokens, enabling everyone’s “resources” and “capabilities” to flow freely and be combined quickly. Welcome all users who aspire to a new lifestyle of freedom and are willing to take risks to build with DreamLand.

Let’s facilitate the better flow of “resources” and “abilities” to bring vitality to society. Let users create new freedom and wealth without being confined to traditional production relationships. Show your dreams, abilities, and resources in the DreamLand community to receive cooperation and gain wealth.

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