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The Ultimate Reading List for 2023: My Author’s Hub’s Top 10 Picks

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The Ultimate Reading List for 2023: My Author’s Hub’s Top 10 Picks

March 13
19:22 2023
The Ultimate Reading List for 2023: My Author's Hub's Top 10 Picks
Reading should be made a habit in the next year. Reading books not only polishes your brain; it also broadens your horizons.

If you’re preparing to stick to your new year’s resolutions to improve your vocabulary, appreciate writing from an author’s perspective, or participate in self-reflection, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten new year’s books for you in 2023. Reading should be made a habit in the next year. Reading books not only polishes your brain; it also broadens your horizons.

As a result, FanatiXx’s My Authors Hub has prepared a list of the top ten New Year’s reads for your 2023 to-be reads. If you’re a student struggling to build a life while taking competitive examinations, we recommend reading “One Step Short of the Moon…” IIT vs. LOVE. It’s the story of a motivated competitive exam candidate who loved and lost on his way to achieving his ultimate objective. Pratik Shelke, the author, dedicates it to all those who tried their utmost but were unable to accomplish their aspirations. He is an MBA student who is perceptive, calm, and helpful, and who speaks from the heart.

When it comes to matters of the heart, romance, and finding relatable feelings and solutions to your problems, we have Hormone Hijack: A Love Story by Molika Garg. It is Kavita’s first book, a love story about how love arises at unexpected moments and how one may grow beyond rigid boundaries by making the correct choices. It was Kavita’s path of conflicted emotions that pushed her outside her comfort zone as she learned to make risky decisions.

Dr. Lora Lipsa is another romance author on the board. She is kind, brave, kind, honest, and sincere; she has co-written several works, including “I Am Love,” which explores the path and takes you through some dark and other bright days, where love in all its representations remains constant.

In the same category, we have “2 AM AND YOU.” by Ashish Baradia, who is a successful businessman. His book takes you on a journey through a wide range of emotions, from love to finding your position in life, and you can relive it when the moon’s phases change. It’s the ideal blend of love, faith, tranquillity, magic, and hope. This is a heartfelt read.

Similarly, Banani Das Chowdhury, author of “A Part of Mine,” takes you on a magnificent mental, emotional, and spiritual voyage through her writing that is curated to touch the conscious experience of hearts to fill with an essentially of contemplation unto their being about a bit of themselves, the concept of life, or merely delving to augment their consciousness artistic expression through poetry.

To understand how their true daughters and sister are treated by their parents, brothers, and sisters. Mohini Sinsinwar, an author and publisher, penned her feelings in the book “GIRL BEHIND THE DARK” as she progressively began to consider many reasons behind her hardships, hatred, solitude, and unfathomable things.

The book “Dusk and Dawn” was authored by Nupur Sinha, who is a management consultant by dawn and a passionate, versatile, and creative person by dusk. Her book allows us to go through life through the lens of a girl, Reema Patel, who is ambitious and looking for creating her identity. Amidst family turbulence, she leaves but has to face a pandemic-struck new world alone. She has to face dire consequences of moving away from her covid-stricken mother.

Amrita Purkayastha, an amiable marketing manager and author, discusses personal anecdotes, moving stories, and hard data in her book “Everyday Revolution: Finding Clarity, Conviction, and Joy with Feminism.” The book uncovers the invisibly seeped patriarchy from the intimate corners of our minds and refreshes the need for feminism in our everyday lives.

Ankush Sam Thorpe is an operations officer, a bibliophile, and a passionate traveler. He wrote “The Eternal Gene and Other Stories of Malaise,” a fascinating journey through mystery, science fiction, and thriller literature. How can we tell if we’re living in reality? Can we trust our memories? What if a rare mutation kept males from aging? All of these issues, as well as many others, are covered in the author’s six beautifully crafted pieces.

Last but not least, in our top 10 New Year books of 2023, we have an action-thriller, the best work of fantasy fiction, that will transport you to another reality by author Aaditya Sengupta Dhar, author of “Legend of the Broken Blade.” Where the races of Woras band together to recapture the enigmatic Treasure of Doom before the dark powers of Akhutzai do. With their world in jeopardy, an unusual hero emerges, a hero who will go down in history.

Hence, to round off the list, My Authors Hub, a unit of FanatiXx, has covered all genres, from abstract to self-help. With the aforementioned books, we have you covered whether you are a novice or a voracious reader. Team My Authors’ Hub applauds these authors’ excellent work. To find more about these authors and books, check out our full Blog here.

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