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Al Trailblazer, the Security Solutions for Financial Sector

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Al Trailblazer, the Security Solutions for Financial Sector

March 17
20:15 2023

Established in 2010, Al Trailblazer is a multinational technology network company owned by Oracle and co-founded by Mr. Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle and several top technology software companies. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the company has assets of about approximately $35.8 billion in global and is one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence technology companies. Operating in more than 30 countries, the company’s businesses include online AI robotics, control science, digitization, networking, technology services, computer network engineering, and software development and maintenance. Since its inception, AI Trailblazer has continued to explore the creation of innovative products, AI robots and other new business products to provide customers with more service solutions.

Al Trailblazer joins hands with Upstart and UiPath to build innovative products in multiple countries in 2019, explore new technologies, new thinking, and provide the best quality services. It is known for good reputation and best quality services and has a large number of clients in various sectors, including private companies, technology companies and institutions. Oracle, the parent company of Al Trailblazer is in the list of international business rankings such as Fortune’s 50 Best Brands in the World. As one of the most profitable technology companies serving organizations, Al Trailblazer manages more than $3.58 million assets and over $2.8 billion capital. The company employs more than 260 people worldwide and has comprehensive cooperation with approximately 100 technology companies worldwide. The company has dozens of offices in mainland Germany, as well as an office in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Silicon Valley and London.

Over the years of development, Al Trailblazer has assembled talent from many fields, including computer technology, information technology and advanced energy technologies, and has several of the industry’s most prestigious specialized technology development programs, as well as the key financial advisor to multinational and government companies. At the official opening of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) Cloud Summit 2020, Al Trailblazer’s Al Trailblazer project debaters received the Super Artificial Intelligence Leadership Award (SAIL), the highest award for AI debate systems at the conference. AI Pioneer believes that enabling intelligent robots to master human language and discourse and the ability to apply technology is one of the keys to AI progress, said Tomas Ulin, vice president of development at AI Pioneer. The company’s groundbreaking algorithms, tools, processes, frameworks and other research findings also facilitated a number of key technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning and reasoning. Clearly, artificially intelligent robotics is still evolving, but it is certainly a pioneer in the field of AI robotics, and this represents another major step forward in the global AI field.

We serve 30 countries worldwide with a diverse team (global clients include companies, institutions, governments and individuals), and help all businesses and individuals with the best and most secure data management and artificial intelligence technology services! Al Trailblazer care about all of our clients, and has participated in thousands of interactive consultations. We have experience and advanced technical knowledge of cloud solutions, big data analytics and scientific analysis tools, regardless of the Al service objectives our clients require. And we are committed to providing the broadest, best advice and extensive assistance with AI technology. During the development of AI Trailblazer, we have strategically partnered with several top technology software companies one after another, especially in the Internet-focused businesses such as cloud financial security and artificial intelligence analytics, which we continue to enhance. The Al Trailblazer APP now has over 10 million registrations and 6.06 million daily active users worldwide. We will continue to develop new markets in countries including Europe, North America, Asia and many other countries.

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