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Featured in the transformative documentary The First Step, Louis L. Reed sparks a revolution in criminal justice reform.

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Featured in the transformative documentary The First Step, Louis L. Reed sparks a revolution in criminal justice reform.

May 29
17:30 2023
Louis L. Reed, the visionary behind Mobilize 365, emerges as a formidable force for good, championing positive reform within the criminal justice system.

Using his personal experiences, Louis L. Reed has set out to transform American politics, leveraging his passion and a bipartisan effort to reform the justice system and ongoing addiction crisis.

Louis L. Reed: A Visionary on a Mission

A renowned political activist and board-certified addictions counselor, Louis L. Reed has dedicated his life to helping people. His work bridging the national political divide with renowned CNN correspondent Van Jones is featured in the documentary The First Step.

Reed runs the Reed Associates, which offers life coaching, empowering people to reclaim their narratives through faith and passion despite personal or socioeconomic circumstances. He is also the former Senior Director of Membership and Partnerships for the REFORM Alliance, a revolutionary non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the justice system through legislative action for people on supervision.

Before joining the REFORM, he was the Director of National Organizing & Partnerships for Dream Corps JUSTICE, helping cultivate the largest bipartisan grassroots advocacy and organizing coalition in the country.

Louis. L. Reed has decades of experience in the government (as Director of the Mayor’s Office for Reentry Affairs in the City of Bridgeport, CT), the criminal justice system, and public health, and has spent nearly fourteen years in federal prison, along with several more on parole. His unique experiences have shaped him into the trailblazer he is today as he lends his expertise and voice to those who need it.

The First Step: A Gripping Exploration of the Deeply Flawed Criminal Justice System

The First Step, a compelling Amazon Prime documentary directed by filmmaker Brandon Kramer, helps highlight the obstacles frontline activists like Reed and Jones face as they try to mend the divided political landscape of Washington, DC. 

The documentary follows their journey as they champion for solutions to help bring reform to a flawed criminal justice system, facing harsh criticism and judgment from both parties for being open to bipartisan collaboration. 

A comprehensive insight into the activists transforming the political system, the documentary also features famed celebrity Kim Kardashian, who is determined to use her platform to help incarcerated individuals and advocates for a reformed justice system that protects the rights of all.

The documentary helps highlight Louis L. Reed’s crucial role in bringing about transformative change in the system using his criminal justice expertise and passion for finding solutions as one nation instead of diametric parties. His relentless activism and strategic alliances have paved the way to freedom for more than 650,000 individuals impacted by the justice system. 

Aside from the film, Reed’s notable achievement is his pivotal contribution to enacting the First Step Act, a groundbreaking legislative achievement that has already resulted in the early liberation of 25,000 individuals from federal correctional facilities. 


Louis L. Reed is a force of nature who uses his endless empathy and passion to bring reform to a flawed judicial system. His fundamental role as a frontline activist in bridging the political divide and finding bipartisan solutions for incarcerated individuals has led him to be featured in The First Step, a documentary providing an authentic look into the American reform movement.

Alongside his large-scale contributions, Louis L. Reed aims to relieve people’s pain on a personal level, with Reed Associates offering life coach and counseling services and his work as a certified addictions counselor.

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