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“Darke Realms: Enraged (Gorgon 1)” – Unraveling Mythology in an Unforgettable New Novel

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“Darke Realms: Enraged (Gorgon 1)” – Unraveling Mythology in an Unforgettable New Novel

May 29
17:51 2023
"Darke Realms: Enraged (Gorgon 1)" - Unraveling Mythology in an Unforgettable New Novel
Author Michele L. Sayre releases her latest book, “Darke Realms: Enraged (Gorgon 1)”, which presents a unique and captivating narrative that merges mythology with reality. The story follows a Gorgon named Xivani Stone, who, along with her allies, fights against the darkness threatening their world. Sayre is a renowned, award-winning author known for her skill in blending various genres, including spiritual, paranormal, science fiction, action, and fantasy, always adding a touch of romance.

Acclaimed author Michele L. Sayre is proud to announce the release of her latest book, “Darke Realms: Enraged (Gorgon 1).” This thrilling novel, which dives into the intricate world of mythology, promises to captivate readers with its unique blend of action, fantasy, and romance.

Set in a world where mythology is much more than tales of old, “Darke Realms: Enraged (Gorgon 1)” offers an immersive look at the untold side of ancient stories through the eyes of an unforgettable protagonist. Readers will follow Xivani Stone, a Gorgon and healer who, along with her mate Scorn and a group of formidable scorpion men assassins, fights against the darkness and evil threatening to engulf the world.

Sayre challenges traditional depictions of mythical creatures in this groundbreaking work. She breathes life into these misunderstood beings, showing their struggles, their strength, and their capacity for good. The novel also reintroduces readers to the Arcana, a half-human/half-angel hybrid, adding a new layer of intrigue to the story.

A Literary Titan Gold Award-winning author, Sayre possesses a unique ability to craft spellbinding narratives. Her expertise in various genres, including spiritual, paranormal, science fiction, action, and fantasy, combined with her knack for intertwining romance, gives her writing a uniquely immersive quality.

“Darke Realms: Enraged (Gorgon 1)” is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

Fans of Michele L. Sayre’s previous works, as well as newcomers to her writing, will find “Darke Realms: Enraged (Gorgon 1)” a compelling addition to their reading lists. As Sayre beautifully explores the fine line between mythology and reality, readers are invited to question the stories they’ve been told and uncover the truth hidden beneath.

About the Book

Banished to the annals of monster mythology, Xivani Stone, a gorgon with a healer’s heart, seeks to redeem a world teetering on the edge. Alongside Scorn, an enigmatic scorpion-man assassin, and the celestial hybrid Arcana, they grapple with timeless evil. A riveting journey awaits, where history’s villains become today’s heroes. In the face of undying hatred, can a stone heart find redemption? Discover the untold truths of the mythic world.

About the Author

Michele L. Sayre is a prolific author recognized for her unique blend of genre-spanning narratives. She has earned several awards for her works, including the Literary Titan Gold and Silver Book Awards. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in Creative Writing, Sayre uses her storytelling prowess to create unforgettable tales that resonate with readers worldwide.

Her extensive portfolio features works like “A Heart Full of Joy – Daily Perceptions on Life,” “What I Would Wish to Be,” “The Unluckiest Leprechaun by Far,” and the previously released title in the Darke Realms series, “Darke Realms: The In-Between (Arcana 1).”

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