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Mina Irfan The Universe Guru Shares Insights on Building a Transformative Business

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Mina Irfan The Universe Guru Shares Insights on Building a Transformative Business

June 21
17:30 2024
Mina Irfan The Universe Guru Shares Insights on Building a Transformative Business

Mina Irfan, Houston, Texas
Houston Texas based Life Coach, Influencer and Entrepreneur Mina Irfan The Universe Guru Shares Insights on Building a Transformative Business

Mina Irfan, also known as The Universe Guru, has shared an exclusive look into her journey, challenges, and successes as a leading life coach and spiritual mentor. Mina, who combines her academic background from Northwestern University with profound spiritual teachings, has developed a unique approach to personal and spiritual growth that resonates globally.

Mina’s journey began in 2011, following the devastating loss of her mother to cancer. Seeking a way to heal, she started a YouTube channel to share her personal growth and spiritual journey. “My journey into this business began as a deeply personal endeavor,” Mina explains. Her channel quickly grew in popularity, encouraging her to take on the role of a life coach. By 2016, Mina had officially launched her company, The Universe Guru, to provide structured support and resources for personal and spiritual development.

The Universe Guru generates income through various streams, including digital courses, coaching programs, book sales, masterclasses, VIP coaching sessions, and bundled course packages. “I make money through various streams within my business,” Mina states. She notes that having a community on Youtube that she had nurtured for years made her company instantly profitable.

Starting The Universe Guru was not without its challenges. “Absolutely, there were moments of doubt,” Mina admits. The fear of being seen by more and more people and online harassment by some made entrepreneurship difficult at times. During these times, Mina relied heavily on her spiritual practices—meditation, journaling, and prayer—to stay grounded and focused. “Positive feedback from my community kept me moving forward,” she says, highlighting the support she received from those whose lives were transformed by her teachings.

Mina employs several effective marketing strategies to generate new business. “One effective marketing strategy I use is leveraging the power of social media to share valuable, engaging content,” she reveals. Consistently posting insights, tips, and inspirational messages on platforms like Instagram and YouTube has helped her reach a broader audience. Collaborations with other influencers in the personal development space have also been instrumental in expanding her reach.

Recently, Mina faced the tough decision of whether to expand her team. “I decided to expand but with a strong emphasis on training to ensure the quality and personal touch of my services remain intact,” she explains. Looking ahead, Mina is excited about developing more interactive and immersive experiences for her clients, including live events and retreats. “The future of The Universe Guru is incredibly exciting,” she says.

Mina draws inspiration from books like “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill. Reflecting on her journey, she offers advice to her younger self: “Trust the process and be patient. Every challenge and setback is an opportunity to learn and grow. Persistence and integrity will pay off in the long run.”

Mina is open to mentoring and encourages those interested to contact her through her official website,

For more information, you can read the full interview here.

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