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HOOSUN: Focus on Green Energy Technology and Boost the New Energy Sector’s Steady Development

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HOOSUN: Focus on Green Energy Technology and Boost the New Energy Sector’s Steady Development

June 21
17:33 2024

Thanks to the surging green energy revolution, Chinese enterprises are advancing in the international battery market by virtue of their unprecedented vitality. Such enterprises conduct innovations actively while being quality-oriented, and they make attempts to leave their footprints in China, a piece of land filled with opportunities and challenges.

The Battery Show Europe

The Battery Show Europe 2024 is to be held at Messe Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany from June 18, 2024 to June 20, 2024; and HOOSUN Group as a leading provider of total solutions to micro nano materials in China will strike a brilliant pose at the grand event with its smart manufacturing.

It is known that the Battery Show Europe is an internationally leading battery and energy storage exhibition of the significant trade bridge type in Europe. The exhibition is to be jointly sponsored by the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) and the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE), and it is an annual event to be regularly held in major European cities. On the Battery Show Europe, exhibitors and the audience are to find the best opportunities for conducting face-to-face exchanges and negotiations and learning international advanced experiences to improve their products so as to expand local and international markets for battery and energy storage.

New energy: An Impending Trend

In recent years, the market for new energy materials in China has been increasing in scale. In turn, new energy materials are ever-increasing in terms of category and production capacity so enterprises’ demands for making their production more efficient by virtue of automation and intelligentization. As a result, HOOSUN Group, which “focuses on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality technologies and takes the lead in terms of green energy”, provides global clients in need of micro nanomaterials with overall solutions to high-end intelligent equipment and intelligent production lines.

Undoubtedly, HOOSUN’s industrial chains and supply chains are being tested in terms of integrity and flexibility in the face of strict EU environmental laws and regulations as well as intense competitions among local enterprises in the era of new energy. While there have emerged competing products in a multitude in the market, Mr. Li Yuanlin, HOOSUN Chairman, has managed to gain an understanding of how to take the lead in such a round of global competition.

In the new development pattern, those who have done a good job in taking initiative will be provided with the first-mover advantages. “As lithium batteries are significant components of new energy power, the global lithium battery industry has been developing rapidly in the past years and thus the development of lithium battery positive and negative electrode material production lines and efficient grinding equipment in the sector in which the company is engaged has been boosted as well. Yet, HOOSUN Group has grasped the opportunities by virtue of its rich experiences in applications and technical accumulations in that sector and thus succeeded in providing many TOP lithium battery material clients with overall solutions to core equipment and intelligent production chains.” said Li Yuanlin, “Yet, it is much less than expected and HOOSUN is still making efforts to present innovative technologies with its products.”

HOOSUN as a company provided with IMS online dispersing technology can provide core equipment to be used in manufacturing silicon carbon negative electrodes, conductive paste, positive and negative electrode homogenization. In the industrial sector, dispersing machines are the most common machines most frequently used for solid and liquid mixing. And HOOSUN is right provided with abundant application cases of such a kind.

In addition, HOOSUN is provided with large-capacity nano sand mills, a kind of core equipment in manufacturing silicon carbon negative electrodes; and data show that HOOSUN’s nano sand mills are superior to the equipment of the same type produced by other companies in the industry in terms of structural design, grinding efficiency, and energy consumption indexes.

Strive for Long-term Development through Innovative Manufacturing

New energy as one of the strategic emerging sectors is inseparable from both “manufacturing” and “smart manufacturing”. “The traditional energy sector as a resource-intensive sector depends highly on resources and mineral deposits while the new energy sector is technology-intense and knowledge-intensive, thus it depends on the development and technological level of the manufacturing industry.” Li Yuanlin said, “In order to adapt to those ever-updating demands in the market, HOOSUN Group is taking initiative to choose getting itself strengthened through innovation and transformation. That is, we are hedging uncertain demands in the market with the certain layout of our products so as to strive for the enterprise’s long-term development.”

Therefore, HOOSUN has always focusing its attention on developing “cut-throat” technologies. It has been incessantly making greater and greater efforts to conduct research and development in such manufacturing sectors as technological research, equipment research and development, production process management and control, quality management and control, energy source optimization, equipment operation and maintenance, and data application so as to develop the innovative applications of new technologies and enable the products to pass the European Conformity.

It is HOOSUN’s epitome in the emerging industrial chain to solve all cut-throat puzzlements concerning key raw materials and realize localized matching. HOOSUN Group’s products and its overall solution cover intelligent lithium battery electrode material production chains, intelligent batching systems, and intelligent conveyor systems, etc. At present, HOOSUN Group is somehow taking the lead in such fields as lithium iron phosphate, man-made or natural graphite, silicon carbon negative electrodes, carbon nanotubes, and gaphene electric aqueous slurry with its core stand-alone equipment and production chain services.

As for an entity enterprise, it can only achieve its long-term development through innovation and industrial harmony. Engaged in the new energy industry, HOOSUN Group has got its projects put into implementation one by one while having been conducting innovations and making breakthroughs again and again. HOOSUN is forging ahead to make its all attempts to cultivate the basis for the development of the new energy industry and boost the new energy industry to advance steadily.


Hoosun Technology Group Co., Ltd. specializes in providing nano dispersing, grinding, conveying, and calendering equipment, as well as intelligent complete production lines for micro and nanomaterial manufacturers.

Over years, Hoosun has continuously created value for clients in the micro and nanomaterial industry with innovative technology, high-performance products, and high-quality services. Hoosun has become an industry leader with its professional focus and ingenious quality in the areas of equipment and processes, hardware and software, lab samples, and industrialized goods.

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